Reviews on Real Satisfied

5/17/2020 -
Macie and Austin Jones
Wendi really made the process a walk in the park. She was very knowledgeable on everything and made us feel comfortable when putting in offers on houses. When houses came on the market she would let us know immediately. If we could not make it to the house right away she would go look at it for us and tell us if it was a good fit. She really understood what we wanted as first time home buyers. She took care of us ever step of the way. As first time home buyers it was important to us to find the right house in the right budget. Wendi was always open and honest about if she thought the house was a good fit financially and as first time home buyers.

5/1/2020 -
Michael and Melissa, Wichita, KS
My husband and I knew that we were working with the best in town the first time we met Wendi. She was so friendly and professional! We knew we could trust her to find us our perfect home! She helped us to be patient and take our time in picking out a houses to look at. She listened to what we wanted and made it happen! Right now with the COVID-19 happening she never let that stop her from working hard and making sure everything stayed on track! We know that it was not the normal way she is used to doing things but we are so impressed with how smoothly everything went. We will always be grateful to Wendi! She started our as our Realtor but will forever remain our friend!

3/28/2020 -
Harrison Schenk, Wichita
All realtors should aspire to be more like Wendi. She treats people as a friend first, not a client- and that creates a level of confidence and trust in what could be a stressful transaction. I will recommend her to everyone I know!

11/16/2019 -
Amy & Matt Martin, Wichita KS
Wendi exceeded our expectations. She responded quickly to our concerns and questions and we always felt that she was advocating for us. The process of selling our home of 17 years went much more smoothly than we ever expected. Throughout the process we had many questions and concerns and she always took the time to explain and make sure we were satisfied.

9/5/2019 -
Martin and Kari Miller, Andover, KS
Wendi Cole was such a blessing to our family. She always had our best interests in mind. She was always thinking two steps ahead. Wendi treated us like family, she was always willing to go above and beyond the normal "realtor" duties. She took interest into our kids, and she really got to know our family. She was very quick to communicate, night or day. Thank you, Wendi! You are a huge reason our house sold in only ONE WEEK!

7/27/2019 -
JMC, Wichita
When buying our home in Wichita we used another Broker/Realtor that we felt was not fully our advocate during the buying process. We wanted someone we could trust and we knew would be looking out for our best interest. We felt that we needed a change and when we interviewed Wendi and Penfed, we felt they were perfect for selling our house. Wendi was truly amazing in helping us sell our home. She hired a professional photographer for great photos and helped direct and stage the shoot. She personally hosted multiple open houses and was relentless in marketing the home. Wendi kept us fully updated on any interest in our home and gave us direct feedback with her professional opinion on how to make the house more appealing to prospective buyers. We faced a lot of headwind in selling the house (including the fact that we just purchased the home 8 months prior), but Wendi continually assured us that we would sell the house for a fair price and helped us a define a strategy that would bring success. Additionally, she was proactive in coming up with creative solutions to the less desirable aspects of the house, instead of leaving that for us to figure out. Wendi was incredibly professional throughout the process. Her upbeat energy kept our anxiety throughout the process from getting the best of us. Having just gone through a buy/sell 8 months prior, Wendi's attitude and helpfulness was a breath of fresh air.

2/17/2019 -
Makenna Jones, Wichita
Wendi Cole is very passionate about her career field which makes her an even better realtor. She is honest, enthusiastic, and a professional realtor.

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